Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Challenge - Composition Variations

Challenge Topic: Composition Variations 

Posting Date: Saturday, June 8, 2013 

Online Background Information:

Additional Tips and Suggestions:
Every photographer develops a particular style over time. But it is a good practice for photographers to vary compositions of their subject matter and challenge themselves to break out of a typical shooting mode. This is an essential skill for specialties such as portrait and landscape photography. Changing up the composition is sometimes called “doing the dance” or “working the shot.”

Don’t settle for the first click after lining up your shot in the viewfinder. Move your feet. Get closer or get further back. Move to the side or behind the subject for a different perspective. Use a zoom lens or change lenses (if your camera allows you to do so). Change the depth of field. After taking a horizontal shot, try a vertical one. If you have control over the subject matter, adjust the layout by adding or subtracting elements. For a portrait, have people change their poses or put them in front of different backgrounds. 

The goal is to think outside the box and portray the subject matter differently than your first “click.” When you compel yourself to look at a subject from different perspectives, don’t be surprise if your creativity goes up!

Prepare three of your own photographic images of a subject, with each image showing a different composition than the other two. It is preferable to take new images for this particular challenge. Please include any information or tips that may be of assistance to other participants (e.g., how you took the images, post-processing details, camera settings, what you learned).

The linkup tool will be available the day before the challenge date (June 7) and a couple days thereafter. Don’t forget to set up a calendar reminder for yourself!


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  4. I thought about opting out this month - can't believe I forgot to assemble my photos, I only had a whole month to prepare! A simpler version was fun to create but I couldn't share camera settings.
    Thanks for hosting Donna.

    1. Actually, if you go to Picasa Web Albums, there's a detailed information page right beside each photo that will tell all that. It's so much easier than writing it all down.

  5. For some reason I forgot to leave a comment. Thanks for hosting. This is a great theme. Hope I got it right.