Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Challenge - Trees

Challenge Topic: Trees

Posting Date: Saturday, November 8, 2014

Online Background Information:
Additional Tips and Suggestions:
There are countless ways to photographically celebrate trees. This month’s theme will let you be creative! Trees have not only served as valuable sources of products that enrich our lives, but they also have provided us inspiration and beauty throughout the centuries. In approaching this theme, draw upon the lessons learned in previous challenge themes. Consider dramatic light and shadow play, colorful and black & white representations, and composition variations.

Perhaps you want to feature a lone tree, striking in its simplicity on the landscape. You may want to feature a cozy forest scene instead. Trees can be featured in a starring role within your composition. Or, they can visually support and dramatically change the overall scene.

Tree components, such as leaves, branches, roots, canopies, nuts, blossoms, and bark, can present striking textural studies. Early morning and late afternoon hours this time of year provide golden light. Shadows can be exploited to create stunning silhouettes, particularly trees that have already lost their leaves for the season. Change up the vantage point of your camera by shooting up high or shooting down low.

For extra fun, consider an artistic approach. Change your image with digital software to make it painterly in style. Application of a textured layer can also artfully compliment a composition.

The links listed above provide many examples and tips for capturing the beauty of trees. Please do some homework and take advantage of these learning resources!

Prepare one to three of your own photographic images that feature the subject of trees. You may use photos from your personal inventory or take new ones for this challenge. It’s your choice.

Please include any information or tips that may be of assistance to other participants (e.g., how you took the images, post-processing details, camera settings, what you learned). If you have more than one blog, please present your challenge photos on only one of them.

The linkup tool will be available the day before the challenge date (November 7) and a couple days thereafter. Don’t forget to set up a calendar reminder for yourself!


  1. I was excited about this challenge. I know there will be some beautiful Autumn colors in most of the trees so I decided to look around at the trees I see at this time of year and share them. It's beautiful and green here in Florida right now with some pretty flowers blooming. Thanks for the challenge! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. This challenge had so many possibilities for me and I chose what would least be expected for trees. I have done newspaper articles on each of the 3 trees in the past so I feel like they are old friends that I wanted to share. :-)

  3. I loved this Donna....because I love trees and probably have more pics of them than anything else...lol! I have no fall foliage in mine either...oh well. Thanks, as always, for hosting this fun challenge :)

  4. Yikes!! I thought it was next week...silly me! Off for the evening, but I'll be back to visit later!

  5. I hope the date is wrong as I was about to post a Tree for the November Challenge!

  6. Thanks for hosting the party Donna,,,always fun to come up with a post for your challenges.

  7. Hi, Donna, hope your love is feeling good this weekend.
    I am a little late getting here but....I'M HERE.
    just so you know, I added your precious husband and you and all the family to the prayer list on my blog. All I ask everyone is to lift up, as a blanket prayer, everyone on my list. Too many names to call them all but I firmly believe God hears ALL prayers, even blanket prayers.

  8. I enjoyed this challenge as I have been following a tree all year, and along with the pictures of my trees I wrote a poem too. I hope you enjoy the post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

  9. Thank you for hosting. I love this topic!

  10. Donna, I was so looking forward to this one, and totally missed it - still in hospital after open heart surgery! Does that make a good enough excuse? Anyway, I went ahead and posted tree pix on my blog today (Sat. Nov. 15th) even if I'm late. I really learned a lot of new ideas both from your references and from all the other participants. Thanks again; always inspiring.