Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Challenge - Colorful

Challenge Topic: Colorful

Posting Date: Saturday, May 10, 2014

Online Background Information:

Additional Tips and Suggestions:
For this assignment, you get to be creative and celebrate color! The subject matter can be anything that strikes your fancy. For example, you might want to continue with some macro studies, or you may want to employ a simplicity composition. Whatever approach you take, color needs to play a key role in the story of your image and grab a viewer’s attention. Whether you decide to feature primary, pastel, complimentary, or monochromatic colors, let the colors sing in the composition and set a mood. 

Use a polarizer to deepen and clarify colors. In post-processing, boost saturation, vibrance, and contrast. Consider application of a texture layer to enhance colors. If you are using a sophisticated editing program, use levels and curves adjustments to properly set the white balance and banish muddy, grey tones.

Prepare one to three of your own photographic images that feature color. You may use photos from your personal inventory or take new ones for this challenge. It’s your choice. Please include any information or tips that may be of assistance to other participants (e.g., how you took the images, post-processing details, camera settings, what you learned). If you have more than one blog, please present your challenge photos on only one of them.

The linkup tool will be available the day before the challenge date (May 9) and a couple days thereafter. Don’t forget to set up a calendar reminder for yourself!


  1. You answered my question. :) And I set up a reminder too. Thanks Donna.

  2. Hi Donna
    You've stretched my photography skills once again!
    This was an interesting challenge which I thought would be difficult as our weather is particularly dull and grey at the moment....
    However, I managed to get one new photo and the other two are from last year!!
    Thank you for hosting Donna amidst all that is going on in your world at the moment.

  3. Thanks, Donna, for hosting this challenge. It's a great way to stretch my photography skills. So much to learn. Thinking of you and Mr. Jim.

  4. Thanks so much, Donna, for another month of challenging us to better photography!
    {{Hugs}} and prayers continue...

  5. Obrigada pelo convite, Donna!
    Estou participando!
    Acredito que fiz tudo certo.
    Um abraço!
    Thanks for the invite, Donna!
    I am participating!
    I guess I did everything right.

  6. I really enjoyed this challenge! I live in a very colorful world and....wait for it.....this was one of my favorite challenges so far! thanks my friend! Hugs, Diane

  7. Enjoyed visiting everyone's' contributions, but I'm afraid I wasn't as cr eative as most this month. Still, at this time of year when I think colour I think of the garden. I was lucky to find much colour; all the flowers just came out the last three days!

  8. Thanks, I am joining in for my 1st time ... Have a happy day!

  9. Hi Donna, I am intrigued with this challenge, I will be watching and learning, so I can join in very soon! Blessings, Roxy

  10. Donna thank you so much for critiquing my shot of the shell. Nothing encourages experimenting like some one's approval. I have, and am still, learning from this mime. thank you for hosting.