Thursday, August 15, 2013

Challenge - Windows and Doors

Challenge Topic: Windows and Doors

Posting Date: Saturday, September 14, 2013

Online Background Information:

Additional Tips and Suggestions:
Forms, lines, and texture in architecture captivate many photographers, particularly architectural features such as of windows and doors. These everyday objects possess both utilitarian and decorative functions. And their artistic capture in photographs can evoke powerful emotions and mood, thereby bringing the viewers into the scenes. A composition may include many elements or use a simplistic approach that excludes extraneous items that detract from the window or door subject. Ideas for subject matter include emphasis on shapes, textures, contrasting colors, isolated details, reflections, light and shadows, symmetry, patterns, and compositional framing.

When photographing glass components, you should be pay attention to reflections. Make sure that reflections do not provide a distraction. In addition to outside vantage points, look for composition opportunities with an interior view. Use your camera’s exposure compensation settings or automatic exposure lock to manage highly backlit scenes or lighting with a lot of contrast. (Read your camera manual if you don't know how to do these adjustments!) Doors and windows also can provide instant frames within a composition, so they can be used to compliment people, animals, objects, and distant vistas.

Be sure to check out the links provided above for background information and examples. Perform searches on Google Images and Pinterest for numerous composition and lighting ideas for windows and doors. Seek out different types of buildings in your area that provide architectural interest: churches, commercial buildings, residential buildings, historic structures, farms. Include scale or additional interest to your composition, such as a pet, person, decorative accent, etc.

Think creatively in setting up and post-processing your shots. For a captivating composition, you want to compel the viewers to peek through that window, go through that door, or place themselves into the overall scene, as if they are seeing it with their own eyes.

Prepare one to five of your own photographic images of windows and/or doors. You may take new photos or use ones in your archives. Please include any information or tips that may be of assistance to other participants (e.g., how you took the images, post-processing details, camera settings, what you learned).

The linkup tool will be available the day before the challenge date (September 13) and a couple days thereafter. Don’t forget to set up a calendar reminder for yourself!

Special Note from Your Hostess, Donna: During this particular challenge, my husband will be in the hospital and recovering from major surgery for pancreatic cancer. I will try to prepare my challenge post in advance so that I can participate. However, I will be unable to visit folks and comment on their work. It would be terrific if you can offer extra encouragement to the other participants since I will be absent. Thank you for your understanding!


  1. This sounds like a great theme for September. I know I have lots of door photos as I enjoy capturing them.

  2. Wow some of those examples are marvelous. I don't often photograph windows with people in them, but wow.

  3. Hope I don't forget, so maybe I should start working on it. :)

  4. I'm sorry about your husband's illness and hope the surgery goes very well.

  5. Hoping all will go well for dear Jim - be strong Donna and know we are thinking of you and praying for Jim's quick recovery.

    I'll be posting for the 'challenge' and hope many will join in and remember Jim too.

    Hugs - Mary

  6. Can't find the link up tool, but my post is done.

    should get you there!!


  7. Hello Donna,
    I'm visiting via Mary. Sending my best wishes to you and a speedy recover for your hubs from Wales, UK.

    I must come back for your challenges as I'm finding I finally understand my camera and photoshop treatments. I have some doors in my archives.

    All the best, now following.

  8. Thank you for your gracious welcome to the Personal Photo Challenge!

  9. Thank you for hosting during this stressful time for your family. You and family will be in my prayers if that is agreeable to you.

  10. Best wishes for your husband's recovery.

    Your instructions and directions are truly helpful about what to consider when photographing windows and doors. I think I will have to visit here more than once to absorb all of your information.


  11. Thank you for the warm welcome and your splendid feedback.
    Hope all is well for you.

  12. It sure has been fun and it was quite an education! I had no idea what I would post until the last minute! Love the examples on the other blogs! I enjoyed this challenge the most so far! Sweet hugs, Diane

  13. Dear Donna

    Thinking of you both at this difficult time.
    Thank you for hosting Donna - I've come in at the last minute again amidst the business of life.
    hugs and prayers
    Shane x